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7 Days of Hope: Giveaway Winner!

 Hello, y'all! Thank each and every one of you for your part in making this 7 Days of Hope Blog Tour so amazing. <3 Y'all are awesome. Now, it's time to reveal the winners of the giveaway! First pick goes to . . . * * * * * * * * * * * Abigail Harris!!!! Congratulations, Abi!! We'll be emailing you soon! Second place goes to . . . * * * * * * * * * * * Sarah!!  We'll be getting in touch with you soon, as well! Congratulations!!
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7 Days of Hope: Day 7!

Welcome to one of the last stops on the 7 Days of Hope Blog Tour! I hope you've enjoyed this tour and that it's been an encouragement to you. <3  Hebrews 10:23 (NLT) says, "Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise." When I was trying to find a verse and a translation to use for today, I came across something interesting - some versions used the word "hope" here, as the NLT does. And some didn't. So, curious, I traced it back to the Greek using the built-in Strong's Concordance in one of my Bible apps. The word used here for "hope" is "elpis" (pronounced, "elle-PEACE"). It doesn't mean just, plainly, "hope" or "faith," as it's translated. One definition is, more directly, "hope." But the word, in two of three definitions and by its root word, means "expectation." Oddly enough, the word itself doesn't even s

7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 6 Posts

 We're nearly finished with this blog tour - can you believe it? Click the images below to read the beautiful posts Tara and Chelsea wrote for us today!

7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 5 Posts

 Today, we have Anna Grace and Lauren Compton as our wonderful hosts! Click the images below to read their posts!

7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 4 Posts

Click on the images below to read the wonderful posts Brooklyn and Abigail have written today!

7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 3 Posts

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7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 2 Posts

 Click on the images below to read Day 2's posts! <3

7 Days of Hope Blog Tour: Day 1 Posts

 The 7 Days of Hope Blog Tour starts today!!! This year, we had enough bloggers to schedule two posts every day! The images below are hyperlinked to each post!

The King's Daughters' Writing Camp

 Hello, people! Well, if you're following a lot of the blogosphere, you may have already been spammed by info about The King's Daughters' Writing Camp. Allow me to add to that spam, and give a different view of it. :D Quick facts: It's already open! But it doesn't officially start (with goals) until April 1st. So there's plenty of time (three days is plenty of time :P) for you to still sign up.  Now, I've done both Camp NaNoWriMo and KDWC. And I like KDWC a lot better. It doesn't have the cool stats tracking page like NaNo does, but that's the biggest downside. And we have a cool spreadsheet to make up for it. (Which I still need to tweak my copy of, because I always like to make things more complex.) Aside from that, though - KDWC is so much better than NaNo. It's completely different, so comparing the two isn't even the best way to go about things. KDWC is hosted on Slack, a free workspace platform that gives you the ability to make all kin

Announcing . . . 7 Days of Hope Blog Tour

 Hi, y'all! I'm back for a special announcement today: SawyerMarie and I are hosting the 7 Days of Hope Blog Tour again! You might remember about this tour from when we did it last year. Then, it was spur of the moment. This time, we've been planning it for a while, and we're giving ourselves and everyone else some extra time to get ready. And we're doing things a little differently (but in a good way). For one thing, we're adding an exciting giveaway with two winners! If you'd like to host a day, you can sign up here ! We might not be able to accept all applications (due to the space we have available), but we'll sort through and consider all responses. If you don't have a blog (or just don't want to host a day), but still want to share about this blog tour, you can fill out this form ! After you do, we'll send you a media kit with images ready to share on your blog, Instagram, etc. I'm so excited for this blog tour, and I hope you'